TMRW Foods, the plant-based food innovation company, has announced its partnership with GTFO It's Vegan (GTFO), the progressive online retailer, wholesaler, and distributor of curated vegan and plant-based foods. 

The partnership marks the latest step in the TMRW's expansion into the United States market, following the establishment of distribution agreements to support the brand's accessibility to consumers across the country.

"The TMRW team has been working at superhuman levels in preparation for our growth into the US market and watching the first pallets destined for US warehouses ship this week has been appreciably rewarding," says Dean Blignaut, TMRW co-founder & CEO. "GTFO It's Vegan has built a phenomenal marketplace and we're and we're proud and excited to be kicking off this journey in collaboration with them." 

GTFO It's Vegan (GTFO) is a progressive online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of curated vegan and plant-based foods. GTFO is pioneering the "New Age Vegan" movement, appealing to individuals who may not be vegans today, but are seeking to eat and live better, without sacrificing the enjoyment of eating a great meal. Since its launch, GTFO has fulfilled over 30,000 orders containing more than 300,000 vegan and plant-based items. 

States Marc Pierce, CEO and Co-Founder of GTFO It's Vegan, "TMRW represents the kind of innovation that truly embodies the plant-based evolution, from taste, texture, and sustainable packaging. We are so excited about our partnership and are grateful for the opportunity to bring this amazing product line to our customers."

Source: TMRW Foods