Raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food manufacturer Carnivore Meat Company has launched Nature’s Advantage brand pet food and treats, created for pet-parents in-the-know and on-the-go.

The first product launched by Nature’s Advantage are Beef Bites freeze-dried dog treats with no artificial ingredients or additives. The grain free, gluten free, all natural treats come in a 14 oz. resealable bag that features the brand mascot, Sparky, a dog wearing a pair of thick-rimmed green glasses.

“Sparky represents smart pets,” says Melissa Olson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nature’s Advantage. “We’d like to think that if your dog could read, they’d like what they see on the label, so they’d choose Nature’s Advantage.”

Nature’s Advantage Beef Bites are sourced and produced in the United States and feature 100% pure beef. Unlike other treats, Beef Bites are freeze-dried which locks in vital nutrients and maintains freshness, making these treats tasty and nutritious for dogs.

“When you provide your pet with a measurably better diet, you can see the results for yourself,” Olson says. “Less shedding, fewer and smaller poops, more energy and natural weight control.”

Nature’s Advantage Beef Bites are available at select Costco stores across the United States or online at shop.naturesadv.com.

“Every day we work to help pets live their best life by giving pet parents a measurably better diet for their fur family,” Olson says. “Smart pets are fed Nature’s Advantage.”

Source: Carnivore Meat Co.