Praxair Inc. has added the newest design of its ColdFront ultra-performance spiral freezer to its other cryogenic freezing and chilling systems in the Praxair Food Laboratory. This improvement allows customers to test their food products on full-sized equipment using ideal production parameters for efficient cryogen usage, achieving maximum productivity. The ColdFront ultra-performance spiral freezer will also be on display in booth 5631 at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta this January.

The newly designed ultra-performance spiral freezer utilizes direct cryogen injection of either N2 or CO2 for maximizing heat transfer. Enhanced horizontal vapor flow provides additional cooling potential that would otherwise be under-utilized. The improved vapor-balance system minimizes air and moisture infiltration into the system reducing cryogen consumption. These features, combined with wider belts than those found on similarly sized freezers, result in efficient utilization of cryogen while providing for maximum production capacity in a minimal footprint. In addition, all Praxair freezing and chilling systems designs include enhanced sanitation features, making clean-up quick and thorough. 

“To meet the demanding needs of the frozen food industry, the ColdFront line of ultra-performance spiral freezers features new design enhancements that provide the flexibility our customers need to address their ever-changing production requirements,” commented Joey Daniel, commercial development director. “With every ColdFront freezer, Praxair provides improved production capacity, cryogen efficiency, space utilization and system flexibility while also delivering the equipment reliability on which our customers have come to depend.”

Praxair is the largest industrial gases company in North and South America and one of the largest worldwide, with 2013 sales of $12 billion. The company produces, sells and distributes atmospheric, process and specialty gases as well as gas- and equipment-related technologies to the food- and beverage-processing industries. Praxair is a recognized leader in the commercialization of new technologies that bring productivity and environmental benefits to a diverse group of industries. For more information about Praxair and its ColdFront ultra-performance spiral freezer systems, visit or call toll free: 1-800-PRAXAIR.