Whether you are a fisherman, processor, distributor, buyer, retailer or consumer, the question “How fresh is this fish?” can now be answered objectively and with certainty. Until now seafood industry workers and consumers would have relied on what they were told or sensory evaluations to assess the freshness of seafood. Now there is a verified scientific approach to measuring the quality of seafood through the supply chain.

The Seafood Analytics Certified Quality Reader (CQR), now available for purchase, is a handheld, non-invasive device developed from more than 35 years of proven science, which uses electrical currents to instantly provide freshness data for fish species and other seafood. Currently, the device can detect the freshness of more than 10 fish species and generates a Certified Quality Number (CQN), fresh or previously frozen determination, time on ice (i.e. time since harvest), shelf life remaining, and US and European sensory equivalence scores (FDA and Torry).

Seafood Analytics will debut the CQR device at the Seafood Expo North America & Seafood Processing North America Show in Boston from March 15 to March 17. This show is the largest seafood trade event in North America, and attracts over 20,000 buyers and suppliers of seafood products, equipment and services from more than 100 countries around the world.

“Our chief scientist and Co-founder Dr. Keith Cox has 15 years experience with bio-impedance and developed this technology based on the process that has provided physicians accurate and reliable data about the human body since 1979,” said Michael Liedtke, Co-founder of Seafood Analytics. “Ultimately, we are able to measure the amount of water in cells to determine the quality of fish. We are meeting a seafood industry need that has been in existence since the first fish was caught.”

In March 2015, Oregon State University Seafood Research & Education Center validated Seafood Analytics technology, science and product by concurrently measuring degrading seafood with a CQR device and sensory evaluations. The study concluded the CQ number strongly correlates with FDA sensory decomposition score based on FDA guidance, and that CQ numbers may be used as an effective quality control tool by seafood processors and buyers.

Seafood Analytics patent pending technology and products will improve seafood industry pricing, quality control, transportation and storage decisions. The Seafood Analytics CQR provides an objective quality measurement on the cellular level that can be taken anywhere from catch to frozen, or catch to consumption. The device works by measuring the rate at which the cells inside fish change over time depending on conditions. The ability to take repeatable, accurate and quantifiable measurements of seafood quality will be a welcome addition to guaranteeing safe, quality seafood.

To see a demonstration and/or speak with Mr. Liedtke (mliedtke@seafoodanalytics.com), contact Tom Wegehaupt at (twegehaupt@tannerfriedman.com).