After one year in operation, Marin Sun Farms has received USDA Organic Certification for its slaughterhouse, the last remaining of its kind in the SF Bay Area. The certification allows for organically raised livestock to be harvested, processed, packaged, and brought to market within 50 miles of San Francisco, a feat that was previously not possible.

Marin Sun Farms worked with Marin Organic Certified Agriculture (MOCA) as its local USDA accredited certifier and was formally awarded certification on March 24, 2015. Organic slaughter and further processing is now fully operational.

A large group of local leaders remain actively involved and collaborate with Marin Sun Farms to foster an environment where local livestock can be processed and marketed directly from nearby pastures with limited transport and stress, local labor and resources. Efforts from California Congressmen Jared Huffman and Mike Thompson, Supervisors David Rabbit and Steve Kinsey, Marin County Agricultural Commissioner Stacy Carlsen and the North American Meat Institute contribute to bolstering the creation of jobs and support the agricultural and food industry in the Northern California region.

“The USDA Organic Certification of our last remaining Bay Area slaughterhouse completes the necessary, and previously missing, link required in the flow of Certified Organic Livestock from pasture to plate,” said David Evans, founder & CEO of Marin Sun Farms. “Bay Area communities can actively support our local family farms and the investments those farms make in a more sustainable future by purchasing meats processed at Marin Sun Farms”

Source: Marin Sun Farms