Safe Catch is establishing the first brand to stand for purity in seafood and is starting with the first 100% mercury tested canned tuna. Until now, the seafood industry did not have a viable way to identify purity levels in every tuna. Safe Catch has developed the first technology solution to screen every single fish for purity. In addition to being pure, one can of Safe Catch tuna has over 100% of the daily value of all 10 essential amino acids in addition to other amino acids, B vitamins, selenium, potassium and more. Unfortunately, nutrients and up to 80% of Omega 3s are often lost in most conventional tuna brands that precook tuna on racks allowing Omega 3s and nutrients to drain away during processing. These brands then rehydrate the tuna with pyrophosphates, GMO vegetable broth, soy, water or other fillers. Safe Catch raw packs its tuna, sealing in all of the nutrients, and then cooks it in a proprietary process that yields an amazing taste. Safe Catch tuna is free of additives, non-GMO, BPA-free and sustainably caught. Safe Catch Wild Skipjack retails between $3-4 per can and Safe Catch Wild Albacore retails between $4-5 per can.