Due to its size and the high demand for meat, the American market creates promising opportunities for European meat producers, as well as for local importers and distributors. On June 23-26, New York will be visited by a delegation of the information and promotional campaign “Tradition and Quality of European Meat,” promoting European beef and pork and products made from these meats on the American market.

The delegation includes industry experts, members of the Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Sector - the organizer of the above campaign, representatives of European meat industry, as well as a renowned chef who cooperates with the campaign - Dariusz Zahora?ski.

Planned Events
The first event planned for the occasion of the delegation’s visit to New York will be a European Culinary Workshop, organized on June 23 in cooperation with International Culinary Center (ICC). Participants will have the opportunity to learn the technique of making sausage, under the supervision of Dariusz Zahora?ski and ICC professionals. This is also an opportunity to find out about the origin the exceptional quality and unique taste of European cured meats and other meat products, as well as pork and beef which are the raw material used for their production.

An equally good opportunity to learn about the principles used by European producers of beef and pork will present itself to the participants of an informational seminar, organized on 24 June in one of Manhattan's restaurants. The speakers will extensively elaborate on all the factors that determine the high quality of European beef and pork – the strict standards of production and demanding EU norms which guarantee the safety of the products, as well as on the advanced technologies used by production facilities and last but not least, the hundreds of years of tradition which makes it possible to obtain a product with unique taste. Listeners will also find out a lot about the campaign and its measures, as well as opportunities for cooperation in the area of importing European meat to the American market.

After the seminar, also on June 24, a banquet will be held, during which invited representatives of the local meat industry, opinion leaders and representatives of local authorities will be able to meet one another and discuss opportunities of possible cooperation in the area of meat trade between the USA and European Union member states in an informal setting. On June 25-26, members of the delegation will meet selected local companies in order to present the offer of European meat industry and have a detailed discussion about their possible cooperation.

The Significance of the American Market
It is not difficult to understand the interest of representatives of European meat industry. With a 320-million and an ever growing population and the highest annual meat consumption per capita reaching 120 kg, the United States are one of the most important markets for European exporters. The market potential and growing interest of American consumers in high quality meat products coming from Europe create huge opportunities for importers and distributors of European beef and pork.

The fact that Americans are hungry for European meat is demonstrated by statistics. As recently as 2011 the value of pork imported from the European Union amounted to just under USD 147 million. In 2014 the volume of pork sold was worth nearly USD 269 million. The situation is similar for processed meats – in 2011 the value of European export was over USD 66 million, and by 2014 it had grown to nearly USD 102 million. Also trade in beef looks promising, taking into account the fact that in 2015, the United States began to gradually open the American market to this type of meat originating from European Union member states, which clearly demonstrates the recognition that the US Department of Agriculture has of its safety. Bearing in mind the potential of American market and the opportunities of developing trade cooperation between the United States and European Union member states, the information and promotional campaign “Tradition and Quality of European Meat” is undertaking measures aiming at presenting to American importers and distributors, but also journalists, opinion leaders and finally – consumers, the advantages, exceptional quality and unique taste of European Union’s beef, pork and processed foods made from these types of meat, including a wide array of cured meats often produced from recipes going back hundreds of years.

More information about European beef and pork and food products made from these types of meat, as well as about the possibility to establish trade cooperation between American importers and food distributors and European exporters of pork and beef is available on the program's website.

Source: www.europeanmeat.eu