The Turbo-Slide freezer door from Rytec® High Performance Doors delivers the speed, energy loss protection and durability high volume freezer environments demand.

The advanced thermal features of the Turbo-Slide freezer door include proprietary Flex-Panel technology for reduced downtime. Totally closed cell EVA foam panels produce R-values ranging from R-17 (standard) up to R-40. The door is available in both sliding and bi-part designs for high cycle applications where increased productivity and energy efficiency are top priorities.

Moving at ultra-high speeds of up to 120" per second, the Rytec Turbo-Slide door is the fastest solid panel door on the market. The door significantly reduces cycle times and infiltration energy loss compared to other freezer doors, yet also is ideal for operations where the doorway is closed for long periods of time.

A thermoplastic outer shell ensures superior impact resistance and durability, minimizing down time and energy loss from panel damage. The Armor Lock™ perimeter edge seal keeps cold air in the freezer room by providing an airtight, watertight seal along all edges.

The Turbo-Slide freezer door enables high volume and high cycle freezer operations to maximize both energy and material handling efficiency - satisfying sustainability and production goals, as well as the bottom line.

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