The Turbo-Slide single-slide freezer door from Rytec High Performance Doors delivers the speed, energy loss protection and durability high volume freezer environments demand.

This new door delivers –

Superior Insulation – Totally closed cell EVA foam panels produce R-values ranging from R-17 (standard) up to R-40.

Ultra-High Speed – Opening at a rapid speed of over 60” per second, the Rytec Turbo-Slide single-slide door is the fastest solid panel door on the market.

Collision Resistance – The advanced thermal features of the Turbo-Slide freezer door include Flex-Panel proprietary technology for reduced downtime. This innovative design enables the door to withstand accidental impact with easy realignment. A thermoplastic outer shell ensures superior impact resistance and durability, minimizing down time and energy loss from panel damage.

Tight Doorway Sealing – The Armor Lock polyurethane elastomer perimeter edge seal keeps cold air in the freezer room by providing an airtight, watertight seal along all edges. A heated gasket system prevents icing around the opening. Along the floor is a multi-layered PVC coated polyester fabric bottom sweep.

Low Maintenance – The Turbo-Slide door panels are 50% lighter than conventional sliding door panels, reducing stress on the controller and other operating parts. The panel rides along a heavy duty galvanized steel track assembly.

The Turbo-Slide freezer door enables high volume and high cycle freezer operations to maximize both energy and material handling efficiency - satisfying sustainability and production goals, as well as the bottom line.

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