Xcluder, the world’s preeminent designer of rodent-proofing solutions, is once again raising the bar on rodent protection with the launch of new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps. Following extensive research and product development, Xcluder’s new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps feature not only increased protection against rodents and insects, but also an easier-to-install design and enhanced weathersealing and thermal properties. Designed for superior compliance with food safety audit standards, the new line of sweeps is guaranteed to be impenetrable to mice and rats for the lifetime of any properly installed product.

Today’s rodents are more tenacious than ever, as Covid-19 shelter-in-place efforts have removed many of their traditional food sources. Damaged or missing door sweeps remain one of the most common rodent entry points, making specialized rodent-proof door sweeps the single most important tool in protecting homes and businesses from rodent infestation. Standard rubber or brush door sweeps are not designed to withstand the gnawing power of rodents, many of whom can gnaw through a basic door sweep in the course of one night.

Xcluder’s new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps feature a core of high-density Xcluder Fill Fabric - a blend of stainless steel and poly-fiber with sharp, coarse fibers that rodents cannot gnaw through - and reinforced TPV gaskets that create a superior, energy-saving weatherseal. The new sweeps also feature an extended rubber flap to create a flush ground seal against insects and other outdoor contaminants. The added flap also prevents light penetration, which is often how food safety auditors determine whether doors are at risk of being breached. The new design includes screw-on end caps that seal the outer edge from even the most industrious rodents. Xcluder Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps are specially designed to assist in meeting SQF, BRC, FDA and other food safety standards.

Rats cost the world’s economy billions of dollars every year and are a primary cause of health inspection and third-party audit failures for good reason. All rodents carry diseases including rat bite fever, hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, murine typhus, and even the bubonic plague. Xcluder Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps are ideal for homes, garages, schools and retail stores, and absolutely critical to food service and production facilities. Rodents that can gnaw through plastic, wood, aluminum, brick and even cement are not easily deterred; Xcluder is the only rodent-proofing product on the market tested and proven effective by the USDA/APHIS lab.

“Rodents are intelligent problem solvers and highly adaptive,” said Dave Colbert, Vice President, Xcluder. “Fortunately, so is Xcluder’s product development team. We have witnessed not only an increase in rodent aggression over the last year, but also an increased focus on food safety. Our new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps address both concerns with fortified barriers against gnawing and meticulous design specs to ensure compliance with food safety standards. We continue to innovate and enhance our exclusion solutions to safeguard our customers at the highest level.”

Xcluder Door Sweeps are now available in Low-Profile, Standard and Versa-Line options to accommodate all door sizes and types. The Low-Profile and Standard Door Sweeps protect under-door gaps up to one inch and one and a quarter inches, respectively. Xcluder’s Versa-Line Sweeps protect under door gaps up to one and three quarter inches and feature an optional cover to hide mounting hardware and create a smooth appearance. All of the models can be cut to size using standard tools, are available in aluminum or dark bronze finish and are completely safe to use around people, animals, plants and food as they contain no harsh chemicals. More information on Xcluder’s Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps and other exclusion solutions can be found at www.buyxcluder.com.