Xcluder, the rodent and pest exclusion brand preferred by professionals around the world, is adding two new solutions to its industry-leading line of pest control products. Xcluder Pest Control Astragal Door Seals and Xcluder Pest Control Block Caps are now available nationwide for Integrated Pest Management and commercial applications. Xcluder's Astragal Door Seals are designed to protect entry doors, sealing the gap between double doors or between a single door and its frame. Xcluder's Pest Control Block Caps prevent rodent traveling and nesting within hollow block walls.

Doors are one of the most common entry points for mice, rats and other pests. Even when closed, the tiny gap between pairs of entry doors creates an open invitation to rodents, many of whom can squeeze through an opening as small as a dime. Xcluder Pest Control Astragal Door Seals protect this gap with a sturdy, 96” retainer and reinforced EPDM rubber gasket lined with Xcluder fill fabric – a patented combination of stainless steel and poly-fiber that is virtually impenetrable to rodents and other pests. The retainer, available in aluminum or bronze and a choice of adhesive or hardware application, can be trimmed to accommodate handles, locks and shorter doors. The Xcluder-lined rubber gasket is available in black or grey and creates a durable weatherseal that often pays for itself in energy savings alone. Also available are new Glass Door Threshold Astragal Gap Seals, designed for double-swing doors where there is a gap at the threshold. These 6” seals are attached using a weather resistant, pressure attached adhesive strip and feature a heavy duty reinforced EPDM rubber gasket and Xcluder core.

Rats and mice invade all styles of commercial buildings and then nest inside the building's concrete hollow block walls, i.e. cinder blocks or Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs). These walls provide a protected, hidden travel path for rodents and a near-perfect place for nesting. Xcluder Pest Control Block Caps help prevent rodents from living in cinder block walls by covering their entry point. Perfect for new and existing construction, each 6” x 8” tin plated steel cap features a stamped inset and overlapping design for quick and easy placement. Installation is simple with just four drops of landscape adhesive and no tools required. Using two caps per block, the caps protect both the holes within each block and the opening created where two blocks meet. For a fraction of the cost of cement filling and finishing work, the caps will not rust over time and provide energy conservation benefits that match or exceed other cinder block wall cappings.

“Since launching our first rodent-proof door seals three years ago, we've seen them make an incredible difference for our customers and are thrilled to expand this product line to include vertical door seals,” said Paul Bonn, business manager, Xcluder. “The cinder block caps provide a simple, cost-effective solution for an area within buildings that is often unaddressed yet rampant with rodents, and once again we are proud to offer our customers yet another level of protection.”

Xcluder is made in America. It contains no harmful chemicals and is completely safe to use around people, animals and plants. More information about the Xcluder Pest Control product line is available at www.getxcluder.com