The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) is excited to announce that Dr. Keith Belk, AMSA member and past president, was recently named the new Ken and Myra Monfort Endowed Chair in Meat Science at Colorado State University (CSU). The announcement was made in conjunction with the AMSA 68th Reciprocal Meat Conference at a special breakfast ceremony in Lincoln, NE on June 17th.

During his tenure at CSU, Dr. Belk has proved to be a prolific author with over 187 refereed scientific publications.  His research program is internationally recognized, having generated over $17 million in grant and extramural support and resulted in over 440 addresses, guest lectures or professional presentations around the world. Dr. Belk served as AMSA President from 2009-2010 and was the recipient of the AMSA Achievement Award in 1998 and AMSA Signal Service Award in addition to being named an AMSA Fellow in 2013.

Dr. Belk has distinguished himself as a leading authority on red meat safety and quality, live animal development and international trade while serving as a leader in AMSA and the meat industry. “We are very proud to appoint Dr. Belk as the new Monfort Chair in meat science at CSU. His distinguished career is very fitting to continue the tradition established by Dr. Gary Smith,” stated Dr. Kevin Pond, Head of the Department of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University.

Dr. Belk is the second person to be named Monfort Chair at CSU. Dr. Gary Smith, the first Monfort Chair in Meat Science (1990-2010) expressed complete faith in the work of Dr. Belk and the future of the program with Dr. Belk at the helm. ”It is a difficult task to follow in Dr. Smith’s shoes, but we will do our best to confirm his trust,” stated Belk as he addressed the attendees and thanked them for their support.

“People tell me frequently that I have been fortunate to collaborate with such great colleagues, but what is more important to me is that it is more than a group of colleagues--it is a family,” stated Belk as he addressed a room of his friends, colleagues, and current and former students.

"From a student's perspective, the choice of Dr. Keith Belk as the Ken and Myra Monfort Endowed Chair is one that honors the legacy established by Dr. Gary Smith and prepares us to respond to future challenges facing the industry. I am honored to work with Dr. Belk and know first-hand his dedication to student success and his commitment to the meat industry," said Brittney Scott, graduate research assistant at Colorado State University Center for Meat Safety & Quality.

Source: AMSA