Northstar Recycling helps businesses avoid the landfill and improve corporate social responsibility by providing recycling solutions for all types of waste. One of Northstar’s many innovative solutions is the Safety Equipment and Protective Gear Zero Waste Box from TerraCycle. By offering the Zero Waste Box, Northstar allows their clients to recycle safety equipment that would otherwise be thrown away.

Accepted safety and protective gear include used earplugs, beard nets, hair nets, gloves and safety glasses. All waste collected is repurposed. Metals are smelted for recycling and plastics are molded into new plastic products, such as park benches and recycling bins.

“We don’t believe in the word ‘non-recyclable’,” says Noah Goodman, President of Northstar Recycling. “So many companies and manufacturers have tunnel vision in terms of what a recyclable item looks like. By working with us, businesses gain access to thousands of potential solutions and cutting-edge outlets like TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Boxes, and quickly see great improvements to their waste and recycling programs.”

Aligning with Northstar’s objectives as a Zero Landfill company, TerraCycle, an international recycling and upcycling company, aims to eliminate the idea of waste. TerraCycle offers Zero Waste Boxes for all categories of waste so that individuals and businesses alike can reduce the amount of waste they throw away.

Businesses can purchase the Safety Equipment Zero Waste Boxes through Northstar’s recycling services. Once a box is received and filled with appropriate waste, it is shipped back to TerraCycle for processing, using the pre-affixed shipping label. The shipping and processing costs are included in the price of the box.

“Being able to say that your business is a No Landfill company is impressive in itself,” said Tom Szaky, TerraCycle CEO. “Northstar not only does that, but provides a way for companies to reach the same goal. We are proud to be among the solutions that Northstar offers.”

Please visit or contact the company directly at 413-263-6010 to learn how Northstar Recycling can help your business recycle more and landfill less. To learn more about TerraCycle or get involved in recycling programs, please visit