Heat and Control, Inc. will display the latest examples of its range of equipment for weighing, packaging, product inspection, seasoning application, controls, and processing in Booth C-3627 at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Sept. 28 – 30.

“Pack Expo is the perfect venue for conversations with new and existing customers”, explains Brian Barr, sales manager for packaging systems at Heat and Control. “It gives all of us a space to discuss upcoming projects and new equipment developments away from the inevitable interruptions back at the plant and office. And we’ve got lots of new equipment to talk about”.

As a global single-source supplier of complete equipment systems for potato products and many other foods, Heat and Control will display a broad sampling of its product line, including:


  • Ishida CCW-RV-214W-1S/70-WP-OF waterproof open frame weigher with the Rotary Salad Sweeper infeed system
  • Ishida CCW-RV-214W-1S/005-L1 Micro small target weigher
  • Ishida CCW-RVE-214W-1S/30-WP waterproof weigher
  • Ishida CCW-SE-214-CTS economy weigher


  • Ishida Atlas 204R-USS ultrasonic snack bagmaker
  • Ishida Atlas 233-R iTPS snack bagmaker with direct-mount Ishida CCW-R-214W-S/30-iTPS weigher
  • Ishida QX-775 Flex tray sealer
  • Ishida Flexible Strip Pack Applicator

Product Inspection

  • Ishida IX-G2-4027 dual sensor X-ray inspection system
  • Ishida DACS-G-S015-24-SS-M checkweigher with integrated CEIA metal detector and RE-G-015-J3-SS rejector
  • CEIA THS/RB with SL21E Slim Line metal detector and Ishida DACS-G-060-45-CR-1 checkweigher
  • CEIA THS/RB with SLMS21 Slim Line metal detector
  • CEIA THS/PH21N metal detector for pharmaceutical products
  • CEIA THS/MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector on MBB conveyor
  • CEIA THS/FFV21-S-150 metal detector for powder & granular products
  • CEIA THS/PLVMS21-75 metal detector for pumped meat products

Conveying, Seasoning Application, Food Processing

  • FastBack conveyor system with Revolution Mid-Gates
  • Spray Dynamics Two-Stage Coating System
  • Control & information systems display
  • Complete food processing systems display

“Actually, equipment development is only part of the Heat and Control story”, adds Barr.

“We support every machine we sell with comprehensive technical services, including pre-sale applications assistance, process development, demonstrations, and ongoing service, parts, and training”.

Barr says that PELV attendees wishing to schedule a meeting can contact Heat and Control for a time and date via email at info@heatandcontrol.com. “We’ll have experts for every product line and look forward to talking solutions at PELV”.