One of the executives of Midamar Corp. on trial over misbranding halal products will plead guilty to lesser charges. Jalel Aossey, 40, through his lawyer, filed his intent to plead guilty on Sept. 11 in U.S. District Court. There were no details of the plea agreement in the document filed Thursday, reports The Gazette, nor were there any details involving any agreements with his brother, Bill “Yahya” Aossey Jr.

Jalel and Yahya Aossey are charged with one count of conspiracy to make and use materially false statements and documents; sell misbranded meat; and commit wire fraud. Counts five through 47 they are charged with wire fraud, 48-91 with engaging in illegal international financial transactions and 92 is conspiracy to engage in illegal international financial transactions. Their father, Midamar founder William Aossey, was convicted in July of 15 charges involving the misbranding of beef and is awaiting sentencing.

The company and its executives were accused of falsifying documents related to the export of beef products to Malaysia and Indonesia. The company allegedly falsified records to make it appear that the beef products had been processed by an approved exporter and changed USDA establishment numbers that identified where the meat was slaughtered.

Midamar Corp. posted the following statement on its company website: “Midamar reached final settlement agreements with the US Department of Justice and USDA resolving charges stemming from a December 2014 indictment of the company. Pursuant to that agreement, Midamar has taken full responsibility for wrongful conduct occurring between 2007 and 2012. Midamar and its owners sincerely apologize to all its customers and supporters for the errors in judgment that led to the charges. Midamar is firmly committed to full and complete regulatory and export compliance and continuous improvement of our processes. The settlement agreements resolve all open matters with regard to past regulatory matters, implement additional compliance measures, including training of management and staff. These settlements permit and enable the company to continue delivering the high-quality food products that have been the hallmark of Midamar's decades-long operations, both domestically and internationally. Details of the settlement will be released upon final acceptance by the court.”

Sources: Midamar Corp., The Gazette