Upgrade your system maintenance with services from Paratherm.

1. Analyze Your Hot Oil

Regular fluid analysis monitors fluid and system health, and should be conducted annually, or more frequently in demanding applications. Free fluid analysis kit includes jar, instructions, and packaging. Paratherm has conducted thousands of analyses, interpreting the results to keep systems running properly, avoiding unscheduled downtime and keeping production running smoothly.


2. System Cleaners

Paratherm manufactures 3 system-cleaning products for use in thermal-fluid heaters and systems. These products fit into two product types based on how they are used:

  1. Additive Cleaners. Add as 5-10% of your system volume to clean a system while it runs.
  2. Off-line Cleaner. Shut down. Drain fluid, fill with cleaner, circulate, drain, flush and recharge. Resume operation.


3. Extend Fluid Life in Oxidized Hot-Oil Systems

Oil oxidation is the leading cause of premature thermal fluid failure. Regular maintenance and monitoring can help prevent problems, but it’s not always convenient to test your system and take necessary preventive action.
Paratherm™ AP (Antioxidant Protection) additive stops the sludge formation caused by the acids that develop in existing thermal oil.


4. Consult Paratherm

Cold spots, excessive fluid addition, reduced production, frequent downtime, expansion-tank overflow. These are a few of the problems that could affect your process, your production, and compromise your operations. Consult Paratherm for troubleshooting assistance, to set up periodic fluid analysis and other schedule-based maintenance programs, or for a second opinion when you're just not sure about what it is that's causing the problem.


For further information on heat transfer fluids, system cleaners, and related services, call Paratherm at (610) 756-7980.