Monday Nov. 2, 2015 was the start of Framarx/Waxstar's 50th year in business. President Lawrence Czaszwicz was 13 years old in 1966 when Larry and Delores first started Framarx Corporation at their kitchen table in Roseland. Larry Sr. and Delores were thinking about manufacturing and selling hamburger patty paper, competing with Hollymatic. America had 500,000 troops in Vietnam; the country was watching Gemini space missions orbit the Earth, and the first episode of Star Trek, maybe on a color TV. Czaszwicz was more interested in mini skirts and Good Vibrations.

Fast forward 50 years, much has changed, and much has stayed the same. Framarx/Waxstar's primary competitor is still Hollymatic. The company still makes and sells hamburger patty paper along with many other waxed paper products. There always seems to be a war to fight. A Star Wars movie will be a box office hit. The Beach Boys are still singing Good Vibrations, and Framarx/Waxstar has 50 team members thinking about making and selling waxed paper products.

Fifty years in business is a long time. This will be a momentous year for the company. For more information, visit