Quality Pork Processors, a pork slaughterhouse and a supplier to Hormel Foods Corp., has announced additional corrective measures stemming from the release of an undercover video showing some employees mistreating the animals.

According to ABC News, an employee shown paddling pigs has been disqualified from working in the livestock area of the plant, and two other employees were also disciplined for horseplay for throwing what appeared to be a blood clot or blood-soaked paper towel, said Nate Jansen, vice president of human resources and quality services at Quality Pork Processors. He declined to say what that discipline involved.

QPP also made additional chances that were demanded by Hormel. Those actions included retraining all employees on proper animal handling and conduct, increased video monitoring and surprise audits, stationing humane handling officers to observe all animal handling and a confidential hotline for employees to report and actions that violate animal care standards.

“We've been working very closely with them to make sure we're meeting the high standards that they have for us," Jansen said.

Source: ABC News