Torchy’s Tacos, the popular taco shop, is known for their chef-inspired creations that elevate the standard taco.  This December, customers can step out of their chicken and beef habits and try a lamb taco.

Between December 1st and 31st, customers can visit any one of Torchy’s Tacos’ 34 locations and enjoy the South Pole (Braised and shredded lamb topped with French-fried onions, a cranberry-habanero jam, fresh avocado, Diablo Hot Sauce, cotija cheese, cilantro, and lime), with all-natural lamb sourced by Superior Farms.

Megan Wortman of the American Lamb Board, a group dedicated to educating customers about the protein says, “Lamb is making its way more and more onto menus.  We’re excited about reaching new customers with Torchy’s and continuing the advocacy of this flavorful, nutrient-rich product.”

Michael Rypka, VP of Culinary and Marketing at Torchy’s reserves no hesitation for his customers.  “This taco is one of our most culinary- inspired items.  It is part fancy, part festive, but all Torchy’s.  Our fans are going to love it.”

The company says that the name, the South Pole, plays off of the dichotomy of Torchy’s food itself – an equal, but grittier call out to the holiday season.

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