In this video, Manager of Agricultural Technology Research Program at Georgia Tech Research Institute Doug Britton gives an inside look at how a bone detection system turned into a commercial yield management system.

Doug Britton: Good afternoon, I’m Doug Britton and I work for Georgia Tech. I manage the Agricultural Technology Research Program. We’re here at IPPE in 2016, and I’m excited to tell you about some technology we’ve been working on for many years and share with you this transition into commercialization.

So this is a YieldScan System we’ve been working on. It originally started off as a bone detection system, and what we’ve been able to do is manage it and use it to become a yield management system. So what this does at this current state is it replaces some of the scrape testing that’s being done in the plants to manage the yield for some of the production. In particular, what we did here is our role was looking at the technology. We actually developed the imaging systems, the software and the other activities underneath it that supports all of this. Most importantly, recently we partnered with Gainco-Bettcher to look at commercializing this. This is the actual commercial system. It’s available now on the market, and we are excited to see it. They are launching it this year, but it’s really a great example of how we can take university technology and transition it to commercial applications. We’re excited about it. We think it has tons of potential moving forward and integrating it into other applications as well.