Half a century after opening its doors, Toronto-based Belmont Meats is continuing to serve up a remarkable culinary success story.

The same commitment to quality and innovation that helped Belmont establish a loyal customer base when it launched in 1966 is fueling the company’s growth as a North American industry leader as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

“We’re excited to mark such an important milestone this year and very proud of the legacy we’ve created as a company,” said Belmont CEO Paul Roach. “We believe in making safe, affordable, great-tasting food choices available to everyone. We believe our purpose is to ensure this happens and to inspire others with the same beliefs.”

Belmont’s made-to-specification beef products — including a diverse line of premium burgers and steaks — can be found at top retailers, club stores, leading restaurants and foodservice distributors across North America and International markets as private label offerings and Belmont-branded solutions.

Belmont has earned a reputation as a leader for food innovation and putting healthy protein choices on the table. Belmont’s research and development team regularly cooks up creative solutions in the company’s restaurant-style test kitchen.

“We’re always looking to come up with world-class flavour and develop products that not only capitalize on trends, but also sets them,” Roach said. “A focus on innovation means we can create personalized products that are made to specification, on trend and ahead of the curve.”

While Belmont is constantly carryout out research and testing new products, one thing that has not changed over the past 50 years is the company’s commitment to food safety. Belmont’s plant is federally inspected to meet the highest safety standards. Each phase of production is carefully monitored and protected using advanced safety technology, ensuring customers and their brands receive the highest degree of safety at every step. Belmont also insists its partners and suppliers exceed its robust food safety approvals, remain current in their own safety initiatives and comply with all regulatory certifications.

Source: Belmont Meats