On July 22, 2016, Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey presented a California Green Business certificate to the team at OSI Riverside. The award distinguishes businesses that take action to conserve resources and become more efficient while preventing pollution in both their facilities (fixtures and maintenance) and operations (purchasing and other practices).

Part of OSI Group's global operations, OSI Riverside is a food processing plant for vegetables and fresh salsa.

The facility was awarded this prestigious honor based on its numerous green initiatives, including a T-8 efficient lighting system, steam re-circulation process, premium efficiency motors, a high efficiency boiler system and a wastewater reduction plan. The plant also promotes a ride share program for employees, encouraging them to participate in carpools or take public transportation.

Along with its status as a “zero waste-to-landfill” facility, the plant is also part of the City of Riverside's

Adopt-a-Street Program. Additionally, the plant participates in regular third party energy conservation audits, demonstrating its dedication to staying green.

“Our green initiatives are what help set us apart from others in our industry,” said Plant Manager JD Franklin. “We believe that our leadership in this area of manufacturing can help lead others to develop green facilities and become supporters of this cause.”

As of August 1, 2016, California had 3,383 certified Green Businesses on record. Besides being good for the environment, the California Green Business Program has saved participating businesses over $33,000,000 this year.

Source: OSI Group LLC