Dur-A-Flex, Inc., a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and institutional resinous floor and wall systems, has added two new concrete patch and repair products to its product line; Dur-A-Tex LM (Latex Mortar) and Dur-A-Tex UM (Urethane Mortar). With these two new additions, Dur-A-Flex is now even better equipped to provide a single-stop for flooring contractors to obtain everything they’ll need for a successful resinous floor installation.

Dur-A-Tex LM is a quick-curing, single-component latex mortar requiring only the addition of water for mixing and use. Dur-A-Tex UM is a three-component urethane mortar supplied as a pre-measured kit for simple use on-site. Both products are designed for bucket mixing and trowel application and can be applied prior to installing any of Dur-A-Flex’s Accelera, Hybri-Flex, Poly-Crete or Epoxy floor systems. Dur-A-Tex LM is supplied in 50 lb. bags and each covers approximately 0.5 cubic feet or 50 square feet at one-eighth of an inch. It can be applied as a skim coat up to 2 inches neat or up to 5 inches extended. Dur-A-Tex UM is supplied as a 40 lb. three-part kit consisting of a bag of aggregate and a pre-measured resin and hardener. Each kit covers approximately 0.3 cubic feet or 14 square feet at one-fourth of an inch. It can be applied at one-fourth of an inch to 2 inches neat or up to 6 inches extended.

“The majority of resinous flooring projects require some degree of patching, filling or pitching of the concrete substrate prior to the application of coatings,” says Patrick Meade, Vice President, Sales and Technical Support. “Having the convenience of a compatible, ready-to-use mortar system like Dur-A-Tex to complete a product order allows installers piece of mind to know they have all the necessary tools onsite to allow their projects to be completed efficiently and successfully,” he adds.

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