Provisur Technologies specializes in innovative technology and integrated production systems for industrial food processing. The company will have a booth at IFFA 2022 following the slogan “Provisur – many legacies, endless possibilities” with solutions and technologies from the company’s long-established brands for separation, pressing, slicing, forming, and thermal treatment. In addition, the process engineering specialist will present complete solutions for industrial meat processing, as well as other products, such as alternative proteins, and a world first in the area of product handling. 

Provisur will exibit at the IFFA a highly efficient Formax forming system as well as an innovative fully automated solution for manufacturing bacon that integrates the process steps of trimming, pressing and slicing. A completely new technology will also be premiered at the trade show as a genuine world first: An extremely compact system for versatile insertion of sliced products that sets quantifiable standards with respect to versatility, required floor space and hygiene.


Separation – maximum yield, first-class results

With a mix of rotation, belt and pressing technology, the Provisur portfolio is unique in providing all necessary separation processes for efficient production. Especially the STS belt separator for separation of soft tissue guarantees premium results. With machines from AM2C and Beehive, Provisur offers solutions featuring diverse performance parameters that have one thing in common: high-yield separation of bone fragments, sinew, cartilage and other material.


Defrosting, marinating, tumbling

A leading brand of the Provisur Group in the area of tumbling and defrosting is Lutetia, which specializes in the processing of sensitive products such as fillet requiring gentle handling during defrosting, smoking or cooking, with cooking chambers or tumbler processes. 


Slicing – a complete assortment for all performance classes

In the slicing segment Provisur will present versatile solutions from Formax, Hoegger and Multitec that optimally meet the diverse requirements for the required performance. Intelligent feeding solutions designed for easy integration in production lines put sliced products in the package efficiently, with no difficulties. A new addition to the Formax slicer portfolio is a versatile industrial model for high-performance slicing of meat products. In addition, Provisur will demonstrate the perfectly coordinated overall process of trimming, pressing and slicing in the form of a fully automated product line for efficient bacon production. Solutions from Hoegger for pressing bacon, fresh meat and specialties with particular competence in bone-in products will round out the trade show exhibit.

CookChill – pasteurization, sous vide and more

The Hoegger CookChill from Provisur combines modern technology for fully automated pasteurization or sous vide with the cooking and cooling of packaged meat products such as sausages, cooked ham, fresh pasta, etc. With its innovative CookChill systems, the process engineering specialist provides continuous cooking/cooling technology in packaging that is very economical and ensures first-class product quality and safety, as well as a long product shelf life.


Further processing – the next generation of forming technology

The highlights of the company’s IFFA exhibit in the area of further processing with the Weiler and Formax brands will include the next generation of forming technology from Formax: The new high-performance Novamax 400 former is designed for a high processing rate in the forming of burger patties, meatballs, chicken nuggets, and more. Provisur will present a grinder from Weiler which sets standards in the industry. 

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Source: Provisur Technologies