Jarvis Products Corporation has named Sean Dougherty as the new General Manager of Jarvis Industries Canada, Ltd, its Canadian subsidiary located in Calgary, Alberta. Sean is taking over for Dwight Streeter who recently retired. Before becoming head of Jarvis’ Canadian operation, Mr. Dougherty was Managing Director of Jarvis Equipment NZ Ltd. in New Zealand. Sean started with the company in 2000 as a sales and service representative. By 2003, due to his outstanding sales record and accomplishments, he was appointed the subsidiary’s Managing Director. As Managing Director of the New Zealand operation, company growth saw Jarvis capturing markets, and selling equipment to 98% of that country’s meat processing facilities. Jarvis New Zealand soon established a reputation for offering high quality and reliable products, and an exceptional level of support services, including blade sharpening. Other accomplishments were setting up a Jarvis office in the Philippines, manned by a full-time sales and service representative, and extending support services to other surrounding Pacific Rim countries.

As the new General Manager of Jarvis Canada, Sean considers his new job a very exciting adventure. Compared to New Zealand, he’s amazed by Canada’s geographic size, the volume of product being processed, and the larger size of processed animals. Sean says “covering the vast distances to serve customers is a challenge, but I am surrounded by a great team of service representatives throughout the country, and the full backing of a dedicated team here in our Calgary office. Even with Jarvis Canada’s excellent reputation within the industry, I am currently working on a number of projects that will further enhance our support services and quality reputation”.

Jarvis equipment is sold and serviced worldwide through 18 branch locations, and Jarvis’ J26 Exclusive Distributors.

For more information, visit www.jarviscanada.com.