Chef and consumer demand for great-tasting beef continues to rise, and companies around the globe are intent on satisfying their needs with delicious, nutritious beef. At this year’s Certified Angus Beef Annual Conference, held in Tucson, these beef companies were honored for dedication to excellence. The packers, processors and distributors gathered with family Angus cattle ranchers to nurture their focus on delivering premium beef.

“We are proud to partner with these companies and congratulate their ongoing successes,” says John Stika, the beef brand’s president. “Every time they recommend the Certified Angus Beef® brand, they embrace our family ranching heritage and dedication to quality from farm to table.”

  • Greater Omaha Packing, Omaha, Neb., was recognized with the Fabricator Proficiency Award for most pounds of beef sold per certified carcass during the year. A longtime leader in carcass utilization, Greater Omaha works with customers worldwide to supply their beef product needs. Newly added capabilities for ground beef production helps further improve utilization, and simplifies logistics for customers. Greater Omaha also assists the brand in educating chefs and retailers by hosting plant tours.
  • National Beef Packing Company, based in Kansas City, Mo., was named the Packer Marketer of the Year. While a company-wide 27% increase in sales this year reflects National Beef’s focus on the Certified Angus Beef ® brand, behind-the-scenes dedication makes it possible. This team procures high-quality cattle with Angus influence and sets weekly records for carcasses certified and product sold. Top-down leadership supports the brand, which includes offering Certified Angus Beef ® brand Prime and helping educate the brand’s customers through in-plant video footage and research. National Beef Dodge City, Kan., was recognized as the Top Sales Volume Fabricator and achieved Four Million Head Certified since the location began offering the brand of beef.
  • JBS USA, based in Greeley, Colo., received the honor of International Packer Marketer of the Year. Through its global perspective, JBS-USA takes an active role in customer success. One example is JBS’s support of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand product launch at Calimax, a retailer in Mexico. JBS and Calimax leaders participated in a marketing planning session at the brand’s culinary center in Wooster, Ohio, and introduced single-packed culottes in stores. Billboards and product demonstrations led customers to the meat case and added to the company’s success in Mexico and beyond. JBS USA-Greeley received a Top Sales Volume Fabricator award and was honored for Three Million Head Certified since it first began offering the brand of beef. JBS-USA Dumas, Texas, was recognized for One Million Head Certified.
  • Cargill Meat Solutions, Wichita, Kan., is the Top Sales Volume International Packer. Cargill continued to excel in sales worldwide, with the majority of products going to restaurants and stores in Canada, the Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s top destination outside of the United States. Through the team’s understanding of growth potential in Mexico, Cargill also hosted a plant tour for customers and participated in distributor events. Cargill Meat Solutions - Schuyler, in Nebraska, was named a Top Sales Volume Fabricator and achieved Four Million Head Certified since it first began offering the brand of beef.
  • Schweid and Sons, Carlstadt, N.J., received the Value-added Products Marketer of the Year. The family-run company continues to expand focus into the retail meat case with Certified Angus Beef ® brand ground beef and burgers. Schweid and Sons helps sponsor events like the New York City Burger Week and the Boston and New York Battle of the Burger to bring focus to the brand. The company also highlights the brand in trend reports and weekly podcasts. Active social media and their “This is not a Hamburger Cookbook” also inform consumers about top-quality burgers and preparation tips.
  •  Wolverine Packing Company, Detroit, Mich., remains the Top Sales Volume Ground Beef Processor. Wolverine is an expert at serving chains and worked closely with the brand to pursue new business. Energized marketing and new resources made an impact at food shows. The team also attended in-depth training and supported customer and chef education.
  • Freedman Meats, The Colony, Texas, received two awards: Top Sales Volume Processor and Top Processor Sales Volume Increase. Customers of Freedman Meats know that Certified Angus Beef ® brand fajita meat is always in season. Freedman pursued business with restaurant chains and delivered seasoned cuts to foodservice distributors throughout the country to achieve a 50% gain in sales. Staff participated in educational programs to bring new menu ideas to restaurants and health services.
  • Macgregors Meat & Seafood, Toronto, Ontario, received the International Value-added Products Marketer of the Year award. Macgregors’ 44th Street product line made with Certified Angus Beef brand product is popular in Canada, where pot roast became the brand’s top-selling value-added item in the market this year. The branded beef logo is prominently featured on packaging and in radio spots. Macgregors enjoyed a 30 percent increase in sales, marking its 25th year offering Certified Angus Beef ® brand products.
  • Sysco International Food Group, Jacksonville, Fla., earned the Top Sales Volume Exporter recognition. The Sysco International Food Group made key connections with restaurants and chefs in global markets. The team featured Certified Angus Beef brand fresh-cut steaks and boxed beef at the Gulfood Show and held a training session for the local distributor’s sales team. Through the company’s focus in the Middle East, educational programs were also held for distributors, and numerous restaurant accounts were visited to discuss beef quality and best cuts.
  • Alyasra Food Company, in Sufat, Kuwait, was named the International Distributor Marketer of the YearAlyasra focuses on leading the Middle East market as a food solutions provider. Educational programs help the staff and customers better understand beef quality and choose the best cuts for menus. Alyasra also hosted a Certified Angus Beef  brand cook-off and encouraged participation in the brand’s International Chef Summit with leading chefs from around the world. Comprehensive marketing strategies also raise brand recognition among customers and consumers.
  • Atlantic FS S.A.S., Medellin, Colombia, received the International Commitment to Integrity award. Atlantic serves premier restaurants in the market and helps them menu premium beef that receives acclaim. The staff works closely with customers to clearly identify the Certified Angus Beef  brand on the menu, and is a world leader in ensuring the brand’s genuine quality.

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Source: Certified Angus Beef