Brookside Agra is now offering Absorb---an all-natural, multi-purpose drying agent made in the United States.

With all ingredients classified as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), Absorb provides superior, safe moisture absorption and odor control for a variety of purposes including:

Drying and reducing chill in all animal species including newborn piglets, swine, cattle, poultry, sheep, goats, horses and pets.

Removing moisture and ammonia odor from livestock and recreational animal housing, poultry barns and kennels.

Absorbing wetness in any area where moisture is a problem such as food processing facilities and commercial kitchens.

Drying wet surfaces and flooring to reduce the chance of animal or human injury.

"Nobody beats Absorb's drying and deodorizing power, plus it's proudly made in the United States," said Tim Nelson, Brookside Agra Vice President - Animal Health & Nutrition Sales. "All-natural Absorb reduces the risk of injury around the farm, in commercial kitchens and other areas where moisture can pose a slipping hazard. Absorb also keeps animals safe and dry, and at the lowest price possible."

Absorb can be sprinkled on animal bedding or flooring to absorb moisture and odors caused by urination, diarrhea or water. For newborn animals, it is recommended that Absorb be rubbed vigorously between its neck and tail until the animal is dry.

Absorb is available in a 40-lb. bag and can be purchased online in the United States at For more information and special ordering, contact Tim Nelson, Vice President - Animal Health & Nutrition Sales, at 402-560-7381 or