The latest FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements mandate training for those involved in the transportation of food for humans and animals.  Under the rules, many food processors must comply with receiver and shipper requirements.  They are also held responsible for controls over carrier operations.

The final Food and Drug Administration rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods establish training requirements for all carrier personnel committed to perishable food transportation operation responsibilities.   Under the rules, training is required for loaders, unloaders, drivers, sanitation and maintenance personnel in these three topics:

  1. Responsibilities of the carrier under the final rules
  2. Awareness of potential food safety problems that may occur during food transportation
  3. Basic sanitary transportation practices to address those potential problems

This training is required for all carrier personnel engaged in transportation operations upon hiring and as needed thereafter.  Two versions of each course are offered to accommodate company needs:  With testing and without testing.

Now, all responsible parties can become trained and rapidly certified by world-class leaders in food safety. TransCert, a recognized authority, now offers a complete menu of online training for drivers, food unloaders, loaders and others held responsible for transportation food safety.

The experts at TransCert have made processor decisions simple, so that you and your staff can focus on the business of processing. The often confusing world of government regulations and compliance procedures has been “translated”, making it easier to assure that your incoming ingredients and finished products are carried under the controls required by law.  This means food carriers are more than compliant, and you can tell your customers so, and they in turn can tell their customers that the deliveries are bona fide fresh.

Why risk unnecessary shipment delays and fines? It’s all here. The massive volume of FDA documents regarding food sanitation and safe shipping has been made understandable; it even makes sense. Your team will become knowledgeable quickly, and ready to help their peers along the way.

Dr. John Michael Ryan, recently retired from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and prolific author and educator, will be your guide.

Now is the time to begin training carrier transportation operations personnel.  Less than 6 months remain for many carriers to establish full compliance with the FDA FSMA rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods.  Training is just the beginning.

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