Three new technologies for improved efficiency and performance within poultry production environments are being introduced by Cumberland Poultry, a division of GSI. Included are:

Mega Flow 58C Fan

Cumberland’s new Mega Flow 58C is a 58-inch composite fan featuring a durable, non-corrosive construction that promotes longer life and less maintenance, available in both high flow and high efficiency models.

Other features include a new butterfly design that eliminates the metallic ring, resulting in preassembled butterfly doors to improve installation time and reliability; standard one-size fasteners that make assembly quick and efficient; and flush mount design that allows retrofit over wall openings from 57.5 to 63 inches. The Mega Flow 58C fan is expected to be available to producers during the second quarter of 2017.

EDGE Precision Bin Scale System          

The EDGE Precision Bin Scale System is easy to install on full or empty bulk feed tanks for precise monitoring of feed levels and bird consumption. Each scale module offers inputs for eight load cells.

“Bin scale modules are part of Cumberland’s EDGE controller, which manages all of the environmental functions of the house or multiple houses, as well as providing remote connectivity to the bin scale system when producers are off-site,” said Brian Rieck, product manager. “Automatic notifications are pushed via text or email, enabling producers to quickly respond to any issues, whenever they may occur.”

Rieck noted that two models are available, offering EDGE precision load cell accuracy of approximately two percent with factory calibrated units to eliminate field calibration, or units having approximately five percent accuracy requiring field calibration. The new EDGE Precision Bin Scale System is expected to be available to producers during the third quarter of this year.

HiLo Plus Pan Feeder

Two-stage pan performance inside one complete feeder is the unique concept behind Cumberland’s HiLo Plus pan feeding system, adding flood feeding to an already dependable pan design. As the birds grow, producers can raise the pan feeder to automatically close the flood window. Multiple feed levels can be set to optimize feed consumption, and the 360-degree action allows play in the pan feeder while reducing bruising and injury to the birds. “This new system combines all the benefits of the HiLo pan feeder with flood feeding capability,” noted Rieck. The HiLo Plus Pan Feeder is expected to be available to producers during the third quarter of 2017.

For more information, producers can contact their Cumberland Poultry dealer or visit