Three new technologies for improved efficiency and performance in poultry production environments are being introduced by Cumberland Poultry at the 2019 International Production & Processing Expo Feb. 12-14 in Atlanta.

EDGE Controller with scenario mode
Cumberland’s enhanced EDGE controller with new scenario mode makes temporary changes to environmental controls in poultry production facilities easy and efficient.  Scenario mode allows a group of functions, such as fans, inlets and lights, to be temporarily reset by operators using a “virtual” switch without having to reprogram the controller. It can also be engaged by other poultry house employees, unfamiliar with the controller, simply by using a physical push button that activates predefined settings for a specific situation. In contrast, most control systems require employees to manually reset each environmental control individually, using individual buttons or switches, and then manually turn them off to return to standard settings.

“The drawback of manual resetting is that operators can sometimes forget to return to normal mode, which means that poultry production environments may not be optimal until standard settings are restored. And if an operator is away from the farm, without remote access, that entails the inconvenience of having to return to disengage the reset control,” Brian Rieck, Cumberland Poultry product manager, said.

He said the EDGE system can be activated and deactivated remotely from any Internet-connected device, providing convenience and peace of mind when operators are away from the farm. In addition, minimum and maximum bird age, time of day and outside temperature can be specified to prevent a scenario from being activated when undesirable conditions exist.

The EDGE controller handles all of the operational functions in single or multi-poultry house production environments. Producers can monitor and manage ventilation, cooling, heating, feeding and lighting systems from a single controller using one interface.  It can be installed in new construction or as an upgrade to a current facility, integrating a wide variety of components into a single, efficient system. 

New ventilation products
Cumberland is also introducing two ventilation products for poultry houses:

Rack and Pinion Tunnel Door

  • Systems up to 100’ long possible with any number of vertical doors
  • Drive units can control single, double or triple doors
  • Unique overlapping door design minimizes framing needed
  • 1.5” panels with R8 insulation rating and built-in UV protection

Continuous Air Inlet

  • 1-1/2” FRP and styrofoam sandwich panel with aluminum extrusions around perimeter for added strength
  • Available in 6”, 9” and 18” systems
  • Actuated by Powertrak, Curtain Commander, or Strap machine
  •   Unique stageable design – Systems can be split into 4 stages per slot to accommodate lower ventilation requirements for lower density cage-free production systems

For more information, producers can visit Cumberland exhibit #C11843 at IPPE, contact their Cumberland Poultry dealer or visit