Cumberland Poultry has introduced two new technologies to support improved efficiency and performance in poultry production environments. Included are:

Double Stack Komfort Kooler
Designed to help maximize cooling performance, the Double Stack Komfort Kooler allows more efficient use of vertical wall space on taller buildings and shorter tunnel openings for improved airflow through the building. Producers can also save money on installation with fewer pumps and trough.

The Komfort Kooler trough design enables unevaporated water to be recirculated back through the system. No tube cutting in the field is required. The system also includes a self-priming, centrifugal jet pump and automatic float value that match water supply with system demand.

Other benefits include an easy open top access to the water jets and spray bar to easily perform water pressure checks or system maintenance, and cooling pads produced using an advanced resin and curing process for lasting durability.

 Protegg Community Nest
The Protegg Community Nest system provides maximum bird comfort to achieve the highest number of hatching eggs and fewer floor eggs. Its durable, performance-driven design provides 25 percent more usable nesting space compared to conventional nesting systems. The system accommodates heavy birds, light birds and layers with easy expel and front closure wire modification.

Other benefits include simple installation, easy plug and play setup, and belt speed control from zero to 100 percent with smooth starts resulting in fewer cracked eggs.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential to maximize the efficiency and performance of production facilities,” said Brian Rieck, Cumberland product manager. “Our new cooling and nesting technologies feature proven, advanced designs to help producers meet these goals.”

For more information, producers can contact their Cumberland Poultry dealer or visit