US Foods today unveiled Spring Scoop 2017 (Spring Scoop) under the banner "What Millennials Crave," featuring a lineup of 26 new products designed to help restaurant customers attract more millennial diners. Spring Scoop features new menu design capabilities and a wide array of products that address several trends and product attributes important to millennials, including: global cuisine, sustainability and portability.

“Millennials spend more on dining out than any other demographic, so it’s essential for restaurateurs to understand their preferences and shape their menus accordingly,” said Stacie Sopinka, vice president of product development and innovation, US Foods. “Our product development team – made up largely of millennials – dove deep into dining trends and came up with a diverse new set of products and services that will help our customers grow sales with this critical cohort while also saving time and money.”

Exploring Through Global Cuisine

Nearly half of millennial diners want more globally inspired cuisine1 and are looking to explore new foods that feature authentic ingredients and international flavors. With the Spring Scoop, US Foods is providing operators with unique product offerings that help them meet this growing demand for more international fare.

Spring Scoop features traditional ethnic foods, such as Pacific Jade Indian Curry and Thai Red Curry Sauce Starters, which are rich in flavor, versatile and work perfectly as a sauce, soup or marinade. Spring Scoop also features Chef’s Line All Natural Chicken Shawarma for restaurateurs looking to add Mediterranean flavor to their menu.

Diners Want the Real Deal

More and more, millennials are seeking out dishes with sustainably sourced ingredients. In fact, 65 percent enjoy foods that are natural or organic.2 As restaurants look to cater to this trend, Scoop has developed high-quality products that are both responsibly prepared and satisfy the taste buds.

Spring Scoop features several new sustainable product offerings, including Chef’s Line All Natural Fire Grilled Chicken Breast and White and Dark Turkey Burgers – simple protein dishes that chefs can customize to align with their own styles and other offerings. Both deliver the perfect blend of tender and juicy, but are also vegetarian-fed and raised without antibiotics.

Eating On the Go

With 70 percent of millennials purchasing grab-and-go sandwiches3, restaurants have a tremendous opportunity to grow their sales by adding portable options to their menus.

Spring Scoop features a variety of meals that are perfect for the mobile millennial consumer, including fixings for the perfect sandwich with its Chef’s Line Aged Cheddar and Onion Bialys and Beef & Truffle Patties from renowned butcher Pat LaFrieda. For diners looking to eat something sweet on the go, Devonshire Black Velvet Cookie is a delicious dessert on its own or filled with the Glenview Farms® Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream Puck.

US Foods Menu – New Menu Design Capabilities

In addition to these new product offerings, Spring Scoop features US Foods Menu, a menu design offering that helps restaurateurs design top-quality menus that highlight key dishes and engage diners. The process is fast, efficient and cost-effective. Learn more about US Foods Menu at

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Source: Business Wire