US Foods Holding Corp. announced the launch of its Fall 2022 Scoop, themed “Money Making Menus – Products Positioned for Profits.” Fall Scoop features 22 labor-saving products that offer upsell, swap, and add-on opportunities to help increase menu profitability and retain and attract diners. In today’s environment, when rising labor costs, increased food costs, and diner satisfaction are the top three concerns on an operator’s mind, US Foods is bringing solutions to help operators address these pain points and continue to drive profitable growth. With Fall Scoop, US Foods is making it easier for operators to discover on-trend, versatile, pre-prepped products that deliver profit-building menu opportunities and back-of-house cost savings.

“Our Scoop strategy to bring operators innovative, labor-saving products that will inspire new menu ideas, align with current dining trends, and address evolving cost challenges has never been more important than it is right now,” said Stacey Kinkaid, vice president of product development and innovation for US Foods. “The Fall Scoop line-up was developed by our culinary experts based on insights gathered from operators around the country, enabling us to deliver best-in-class products that help them overcome the most pressing challenges they face today. The unique flavor components and on-trend applications highlighted in Fall Scoop will encourage diners to spend a little more for customization and flavor exploration and create back-of-house cost savings to help boost the operator’s bottom line.”

Key product highlights from Fall Scoop include:


Upsell opportunities such as premium sides will satisfy diners, help increase check averages and boost profits. Compared to a standard side option, premium sides can garner a higher menu price by an average of $3. 



Customized swaps, especially ones that address dietary concerns, answer growing diner demand and can help increase profits. What’s more, driving a final check add-on with innovative and delicious desserts a diner can eat onsite or to-go can provide a profit-driving boost. 

  • Molly’s Kitchen Plant-Based Pork Strips: Forty-six percent of operators state that they can charge an additional $1-$3 more to swap a plant-based meat alternative for a traditional protein. Made from soy protein, these vegan strips are lightly seasoned with salt and pepper to give maximum flexibility in recreating pork dishes such as barbeque sandwiches, tacos, or bowls for vegans, flexitarians or anyone willing to pay a little more for a plant-based alternative that doesn’t compromise flavor and texture.


Products that are pre-prepped and ready to use or cook in minutes help maximize inventory, minimize labor hours and reduce overall menu costs.

  • Patuxent Farms Zesty Breaded Chicken Breast Filet: Inspired by the chicken sandwich wars, this product offers A-game flavor that justifies a higher menu price point. Dill pickle flavor is infused in the marinade and the breading delivers the ideal “zesty” flavor. The filet comes fully cooked, eliminating 120 hours of labor as compared to creating from scratch. It is ideal for a signature sandwich or sliced in a salad, bowl, or wrap.


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  • Fighting back against inflation
  • Menu engineering and profitability
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Source: US Foods