The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) has announced that Dr. Malinda Colwell, Dr. Kevin Myers, Declan Troy, and Dr. Mindy Brashears will be the featured speakers at the AMSA 70th Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC) Food Security – A Meat Science Story Symposium, on Monday, June 19, in College Station, Texas sponsored by Texas Tech University International Center for Food Industry Excellence. The speakers in this symposium will discuss the need for animal-based protein sources around the world and how we as an industry can help address these needs.

Presentations will focus on the topics below:

  • A Food Insecurity Case Study Using a Meat Intervention to Change Learning and Quality of Life of Children and Women in Malawi Africa: Malinda Colwell, Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Texas Tech University, will provide an overview of a one year food insecurity intervention in Malawi, Africa. She will also focus on intervention effects on young children’s socio-emotional development. The importance of addressing food insecurity in young children as related to the future potential of the child also is discussed. 
  • Project SPAMMY in Guatemala: Kevin Myers Senior Vice President of Research & Development for Hormel Foods will provide insight into Project SPAMMY which was initiated in 2008 by Hormel Foods as an opportunity to improve malnutrition in children.  It has been a great public-private partnership among organizations in the U.S. and Guatemala to provide meaningful solutions to childhood malnutrition.  SPAMMY is now on the USAID food aid list for use in hunger relief efforts under "Fortified Poultry-Based Spread."
  • Emerging Technologies for a More Sustainable and Resilient Beef Production System – The Irish Approach:  Declan Troy is the Assistant Director of Research, Director of Food Technology Transfer, and President, Institute of Food Science and Technology Ireland. In this presentation, he will provide a comprehensive overview of the application of emerging technologies for a more resilient beef production system from farm to fork. Various challenges for their ultimate adaptation will be discussed in the context of meeting global consumer demands while at the same time nurturing the local beef sector.
  • Food Security - A Meat Science Story Reciprocation Session: Dr. Mindy Brashears, Professor at Texas Tech University will lead this session focusing on some of her recent work in developing countries. There will also be time for a follow-up panel discussion with the above speakers addressing any questions attendees might have.

The AMSA 70th RMC will be held June 18-21, 2017 at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. For more information regarding the AMSA 70th RMC please visit: or contact Deidrea Mabry 1-800-517-AMSA ext. 12.

Source: AMSA