The news headlines of the past year have been dominated by upheaval and uncertainty, but the stories surrounding the meat and poultry industry were more positive: construction of new plants, introduction of new products, record sales marks achieved. Those stories were a part of the largely positive response from the industry to this year’s annual Top 100 Report.

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Of the companies surveyed, 22 replied that this past fiscal year was their best year ever; 11 more called it a good year. Just 10 reported an average year, and not a single company called the last year “poor” or “worst year ever.” The optimism is carrying over to the current year as well, as 24 processors say it will be even better than this year. 

A new addition to this year’s Top 100 Report is a list of companies that had the top sales growth. Four companies who submitted information reported growth of more than 20 percent. Eddy Packing Co. of Yoakum, Texas, led the way with 25%. This year’s list of top-growing companies include mid-sized processors like Swaggerty Sausage as well as large corporations like Omaha Packing Co.; processors like Brookwood Farms and Makowski’s Real Sausage that didn’t crack the Top 100 list but showed remarkable growth have also been recognized.

While the results of this year’s Top 100 Report were largely positive, companies do have concerns for the coming year. Among the list of challenges that may face the industry in the next year — Avian influenza, changing restaurant and consumer trends — three areas stood out. The first was raw material costs, which was listed by five companies that submitted information. Labor issues were also a prominent concern. Abseentism and overtime wages were mentioned, but the chief concern was finding enough employees to fill open positions, and retaining the quality employees that are already employed. Failing that, companies are searching out ways to compensate for that lack of available help. 

“Will automation and technology keep up with what appears to be a shrinking labor pool?” one company asked.

Many of the concerns, though, centered on Washington D.C. One respondent noted the “uncertainty of the direction of our federal government,” while several others worried about the government activity regarding trade agreements. Immigration reform, federal debt, government/USDA regulations and health care also were noted.  NP

The National Provisioner is grateful to the companies that participated in this year’s report. If you would like to be a part of next year’s Top 100 Report, please e-mail Sam Gazdziak at

2016 Market Segment Reports

Editor’s note: The market segment reports are gathered by information submitted by the following companies. Those companies that did not respond or declined to provide specific information were not included.


Company Sales in Sector
(in millions)
Overall Sales
(in millions)
National Beef Packing Co. 7,200 7,200
Greater Omaha Packing Co. 1,800 1,800
Kenosha Beef International 849.9 858.5
Caviness Beef Packers Ltd. 650 650
Harris Ranch Beef Co. 612 612
Sam Kane Beef Processors LLC 383 383
Branding Iron Holdings Inc. 357.7 365
Stampede Meat Inc. 306 510
Colorado Premium 300 375
Omaha Steaks International 292.5 450
Golden West Food Group 284 710
West Liberty Foods LLC 163.3 882.6
Vincent Giordano Corp. 120 120
John Soules Foods Inc. 85.1 425.3
BrucePac 32.3 215
Abbyland Foods Inc. 30.1 300.5
Eddy Packing Co. 26 200
Capital Wholesale Meats Inc. 25.0 227.2
Albertville Quality Foods Inc. 23.9 265
Godshall’s Quality Meats Inc. 17.3 115


Company Sales in Sector
(in millions)
Overall Sales
(in millions)
Seaboard Foods LLC 1,443 1,443
Indiana Packers Corp. 1,200 1,200
Fresh Mark Inc. 1,111.4 1,263
SugarCreek 507.7 650
Golden West Food Group 262.7 710
Capital Wholesale Meats Inc. 199.9 227.2
Abbyland Foods Inc. 165.3 300.5
West Liberty Foods LLC 150.1 882.6
Williams Sausage Co. 123.5 123.5
Cooper Farms 95.3 635
Stampede Meat Inc. 66.3 510
Eddy Packing Co. 50 200
Omaha Steaks International 49.5 450
Dakota Provisions LLC 36 240
Godshall’s Quality Meats Inc. 23 115


Company Sales in Sector
(in millions)
Overall Sales
(in millions)
Cooper Farms 508 635
West Liberty Foods LLC 337.1 882.6
Dakota Provisions LLC 192 240
Abbyland Foods Inc. 105.2 300.5
Godshall’s Quality Meats Inc. 57.5 115
SugarCreek 42.3 650
Fresh Mark Inc. 25.3 1,263
Eddy Packing Co. 24 200
BrucePac 10.8 215
Kenosha Beef International 8.6 858.5


Company Sales in Sector
(in millions)
Overall Sales
(in millions)
Sanderson Farms Inc. 2,810 2,810
Mountaire Farms Inc. 1,942 1,942
House of Raeford Farms Inc. 1,120 1,120
George’s Inc. 950 950
Case Foods Inc. 760 760
John Soules Foods Inc. 340.2 425.3
Albertville Quality Foods Inc. 227.9 265
Harrison Poultry Inc. 200 200
West Liberty Foods LLC 199.5 882.6
Golden West Food Group 156.2 710
BrucePac 144.1 215
Fresh Mark Inc. 113.7 1,263
Stampede Meat Inc. 112.2 510
Omaha Steaks International 99 450
SugarCreek 65 650
Colorado Premium 56.3 375
Eddy Packing Co. 50 200
Cooper Farms 31.8 635
Godshall’s Quality Meats Inc. 16.1 115
Dakota Provisions LLC 9.6 240


Company Sales in Sector
(in millions)
Overall Sales
(in millions)
Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. 18,000 20,000
Hormel Foods Corp. 6,175 9,500
Sanderson Farms Inc. 2,472.8 2,810
Greater Omaha Packing Co. 1,530 1,800
Fresh Mark Inc. 997.8 1,263
Indiana Packers Corp. 960 1,200
George’s Inc. 227.9 950
West Liberty Foods LLC 626.6 882.6
Golden West Food Group 624.8 710
Case Foods Inc. 608 760
Caviness Beef Packers Ltd. 552.5 650
Harris Ranch Beef Co. 550.8 612
Colorado Premium 187.5 375
Harrison Poultry Inc. 150 200
John Soules Foods Inc. 148.9 425.3
Eddy Packing Co. 140 200
Dakota Provisions LLC 120 240
Vincent Giordano Corp. 114 120
Godshall’s Quality Meats Inc. 92 115
Abbyland Foods Inc. 90.2 300.5


Company Sales in Sector
(in millions)
Overall Sales
(in millions)
Greater Omaha Packing Co. 540 1,800
Hormel Foods Corp. 475 9,500
Mountaire Farms Inc. 291.3 1,942
Indiana Packers Corp. 240 1,200
Sanderson Farms Inc. 210.8 2,810
House of Raeford Farms Inc. 168 1,120
Fresh Mark Inc. 126.3 1,263
George’s Inc. 104.5 950
Case Foods Inc. 91.2 760
Dakota Provisions LLC 84 240
Caviness Beef Packers Ltd. 65 650
Stampede Meat Inc. 50 510
Harris Ranch Beef Co. 49.0 612
Harrison Poultry Inc. 48 200
Cooper Farms 31.8 635


Company Sales in Sector
(in millions)
Overall Sales
(in millions)
Sanderson Farms Inc. 2,416.6 2,810
Hormel Foods Corp. 1,425 9,500
House of Raeford Farms Inc. 1,120 1,120
Greater Omaha Packing Co. 270 1,800
Capital Wholesale Meats Inc. 227.2 227.2
Golden West Food Group 142 710
West Liberty Foods LLC 60.0 882.6
Eddy Packing Co. 40 200
John Soules Foods Inc. 21.3 425.3
Vincent Giordano Corp. 18 120
Godshall’s Quality Meats Inc. 17.3 115
Swaggerty Sausage Co. 15 150
Caviness Beef Packers Ltd. 13 650
Cooper Farms 12.7 635
Fresh Mark Inc. 12.6 1,263

Top Growth Companies

For the first time, The National Provisioner is highlighting companies that have shown particularly strong sales growth from one year to the next. We have decided to include companies from across the entire meat and poultry industry, and not just those companies within the Top 100 list.

Editor’s note: This data was gathered from information submitted by the following companies, including those who did not appear in the Top 100. Those companies that did not provide specific information were not included.

Company 2016 Sales 2015 Sales Percent Growth
Eddy Packing Co. 200 160 25
Swaggerty Sausage Co. 150 123 22
Greater Omaha Packing Co. 1,800 1,500 20
Makowski’s Real Sausage Co. 4.2 3.5 20
West Liberty Foods LLC 882.6 775 13.9
Fresh Mark Inc. 1,263 1,137 11.1
Brookwood Farms 46 42 9.5
Godshall’s Quality Meats 115 105 9.5
Deen Meat & Cooked Foods 35 32 9.4
Seaboard Foods LLC 1,443 1,332 8.3
SugarCreek 650 600 8.3
Colorado Premium 375 350 7.1
Broadleaf (USA) Inc. 69 66 4.5
Golden West Food Group 710 680 4.4

Here are some highlights from the top-growing companies who responded to this year’s report.

•  EDDY PACKING CO. (25%) boosted the size of its sales force and hired a new VP of retail sales. The company also updated its logo and retail branding packaging, as well as rolled out a new website. The company says it continues to increase its private label business and incorporate new technologies to improve efficiencies.

•  In November, SWAGGERTY SAUSAGE CO. (22%) introduced three new flavors of breakfast sandwiches — Sausage Biscuit, Sausage & Buttermilk Biscuit, and Chicken & Buttermilk Biscuit. The company says its sausage products are now available in more than 10,000 grocers, wholesale establishments and foodservice establishments.

•  GREATER OMAHA PACKING CO. (20% growth) is expanding its automated storage facility.

•  MAKOWSKI’S REAL SAUSAGE CO. (20%), Chicago, Ill., saw sales take off with several of the company’s key accounts in the past year. Along with a surge in the antibiotic-free market, customers are looking for uncured options, as well as nitrite-free and locally made products. The company now had more than 150 custom blends for its clients. “The meat business has never been as exciting as it has today!” says company President Nicole Makowski.

•  WEST LIBERTY FOODS LLC (13.9%) acquired the assets of Crystal Lake Farms earlier this year. In 2016, the company opened Liberty Cold Storage.

•  PEER FOODS GROUP (11.5%), with a history that dates back to the era of the Chicago Stockyards, set a sales growth record in 2016.

•  BROOKWOOD FARMS (9.5%), Siler City, N.C., completed a $2 million expansion, increasing its cooking space by 50%. This addition helped the company reach record sales and record volume.

•  GODSHALL’S QUALITY MEATS (9.5%) named a new chief operating officer, Ron Godshall, and announced plans to become an employee owned company. A new facility was opened, and the company’s 4000th solar module was installed. The company also introduced several new products and enjoyed signifi cant retail growth.

•  DEEN MEAT & COOKED FOODS (9.4%), Ft. Worth, Texas, has seen sales grow thanks to an increased demand in kettle-cooked and marinated items.

•  Daily’s Premium Meats, owned by SEABOARD FOODS LLC (8.3%) and Triumph Foods, opened a new bacon processing plant in St. Joseph, Mo. A new plant owned by the companies is expected to begin production in Sioux City, Iowa, as Seaboard Triumph Foods in late summer 2017. Seaboard also continues to expand hog production to accommodate the additional processing capacity from the Sioux City plant. The company’s energy division, High Plains Biodiesel, purchased an idle facility in St. Joseph and begon operating as HPBSt. Joe Biodiesel.

•  SUGARCREEK (8.3%) opened a 418,000-square-foot facility, housing the largest sous vide line in North America. The company says that its patent-pending process, “Better in Bag,” will revolutionize the back of house for the foodservice industry.

•  COLORADO PREMIUM (7.1%) acquired a new facility in Carrolton, Ga.

•  BROADLEAF (USA) INC. (4.5%) reported strong sales across all species, including pork, beef and chicken as well as elk, venison, bison and specialty poultry.

•  GOLDEN WEST FOOD GROUP (4.4%) reported growth in its American BBQ Co., Calle Sabor and Red Moon brands, as well as its Certified Angus Beef meat products. It introduced a Kobe beef program with grinds and steaks.

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