As demand increases for its organic poultry products and retailers face growing demand to supply more organic and No Antibiotics Ever poultry products, Foster Farms, the West’s leading poultry producer, announces expanded distribution of Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey into West Coast Target stores. Beginning this month, consumers looking for organic choices can now find Foster Farms fresh Organic Ground Turkey in over 225 Target stores in the Western region, including California where Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey is the only locally raised, fresh, organic ground turkey brand.

The company introduced Foster Farms branded Organic Ground Turkey in 2015, and demand and distribution have steadily grown. According to the Organic Trade Association’s Organic Attitudes and Beliefs 2016 Tracking study, 82 percent of U.S. families say they buy organic sometimes, one of the highest levels in the survey’s seven-year history.

Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey is 93 percent lean, USDA-certified organic and raised free-range on organic land with an organic vegetarian diet and no antibiotics ever. As with all Foster Farms products, Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey is 100 percent natural with no added hormones, steroids, salt, chemicals or artificial enhancers. The product comes in one-pound packages and retails for between $6.49 and $6.99.

“Adding Target as a retail partner is important to our growth strategy to give more families convenient access to our organic ground turkey products,” said TJ Johnson, director of marketing for Foster Farms turkey. “We know that ground turkey is a favored staple for nutritious conscious consumers because of its versatility and naturally lean profile, so having an organic choice available is a win for shoppers and retailers.” Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey joins the Foster Farms fresh organic chicken line in the fresh meat and poultry section of Target stores as well as Foster Farms’ new line of No Antibiotics Ever turkey lunchmeat.

Foster Farms was founded as a backyard turkey ranch in 1939 and has since been producing whole turkeys for West Coast consumers. In 1993, it expanded this production to include a complete line of fresh turkey products ranging from turkey tenderloins to ground turkey available in most retail grocery stores in the West. In 2015, the company introduced Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey and in 2016, Foster Farms Organic Whole Turkeys. Turkey represents a growing portion of the company’s overall business. Organic ground turkey sales on the West Coast are up 325 percent, and ground turkey sales are up more than 8 percent from 2014, according to IRI market research. For more information on Foster Farms Organic Turkey visit and for recipes visit