CS Backers, a new beef processing plant in Kuna Idaho, began operations this week. The plant, a partnership between Caviness Beef Packers and J.R. Simploy Co., is hiring employees and is eventually expected to employ 700 people.

The 370,000-square-foot facility will harvest cull cows and bulls from dairy farms and cattle ranches throughout the Intermountain West, reports the Idaho Statesman. The plant also includes hide and rendering processing, and will process niche-fed beef programs.
“This partnership is an opportunity to combine Caviness Beef’s leadership in the meat packing industry with Simplot’s long-standing status as a leader in agriculture,” said Terry Caviness, CEO of Caviness Beef, in a news release Friday. “Together we will help fill a void in the West by providing ranchers and dairy farmers with a state-of-the-art beef processing plant.”

Source: Idaho Statesman