An executive at the new $300 million Seaboard Triumph pork processing plant near Sioux City, Iowa, says that the company may need to hire immigrants to help fill 2,000 jobs due to low unemployment numbers. The Des Moines Register reports that along with recruiting workers from a 30-mile radius of the plant, the company could also look to hire refugees and immigrants.

"One of the first questions I get is: 'How many people are you going to hire, and where are you going to get them?'" said Mark Porter, chief operating officer at the Seaboard Triumph plant Thursday at the World Pork Expo. "It's potentially a challenge."

The 925,000-square-foot plant is expected to open in September, initially with a few hundred workers and quickly ramping up to 1,100. Sioux City currently has an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent, with only 2,700 workers looking for jobs in April.

Source: Des Moines Register