On Oct. 9, 2017, ANCO and Dantech UK signed a contract stating that ANCO is the officially distributer of Dantech UK’s Meat and Bacon Press in the United States and Canada. The contracts were both signed by the CEO’s of each company at their individual facilities; no meeting took place for this event.

The meat and bacon press is a raw material handling piece of equipment that presses sections of bacon, pork loin, beef and more into desired shapes and sizes. Dantech UK will remain the primary manufacturer of this press at their facility in Lancashire, Great Britain. ANCO will distribute the meat and bacon press from their facility in High Point, NC to the United States and Canada. ANCO is responsible for all sales, service and support of the equipment starting on October 9, 2017.

For more information regarding the contract and policies please feel free to contact ANCO at info@ancopress.com