Keystone Meats, a fourth-generation family brand offering premium quality canned protein and meal solutions, has announced the coming release of its updated product labels. The new label will reflect the company's continued innovation in processing and products, as well as its commitment to evolving with its consumers’ needs, while remaining true to the authentic quality, all-natural meat products on which it prides itself. All of Keystone Meats canned proteins are produced with only two ingredients – featuring premium meat and sea salt. Featuring a minimalistic logo and rich colors, it is an updated, yet traditional perspective on the Keystone Meats brand consumers love, as well as a visual reflection of the company’s continued evolution. Shoppers will be able to find the new labels on the shelves of retailers nationwide beginning January 2018.

The new vision for the Keystone Meats brand solidifies the company as a leading recipe-ready protein products brand available to consumers nationwide. This refreshed label debuts at an important time. A recent study found that thirty-six percent of customers purchased a product based on package design. Furthermore, sixty-four percent of consumers try a new product because of the package design, and forty-one percent of consumers continue to purchase a product as a result of packaging. While Keystone Meat’s new label positions the company as a relevant brand in the eyes of today’s ingredient-conscious, educated, on-the-go shopper, consumers can continue to expect the same quality products they know and love.

"As the center store consumer changes, it's important that we remain relevant," shares Pete Dorley, President of Keystone Meats. "The refreshed label enables us to better speak to consumers looking for premium quality canned protein and meal solutions they can easily introduce to their households. It is also a testament to the continued care Keystone Meats takes behind the scenes in our manufacturing process by hand packing all of our protein products made with just two ingredients – premium meat and sea salt.” Choosing to update Keystone Meats’ label speaks to the company’s dedication to remaining a consumer favorite.

Considering Keystone Meats’ mission to produce the best recipe-ready protein products in the center store aisle, the new label introduces a traditional, yet still relevant, side to the company, which prides itself on quality, minimally processed meat products. It invites the consumer to explore Keystone Meats’ products, ranging from canned meats to soup bases and broths, with a fresh perspective and continues to reflect the brands continued ties to tradition and quality products.

Source: Keystone Meats