The nation’s largest provider of high pressure processing (HPP) and cold storage services formerly known as Universal Pasteurization and Universal Cold Storage announces it has changed to a new name, Universal Pure, to reflect its long-term commitment to advancing the safety and quality of foods and beverages. The company will continue to provide HPP processing, cold storage and all of the same pre-HPP and post-HPP value-added services that help companies safely bring longer-lasting, cleaner-label products to market.

With the updated name, the company introduces a fresh, new visual mark and enhanced online presence at The new website is designed to serve as a hub of information about HPP, the cold chain and other relevant research, data and perspectives.

“HPP is more than another step along the cold chain, and we felt it was important that our visual identity reflect our larger passion for healthier foods and beverages characterized by safety, integrity and sustainability,” said Mark A. Duffy, CEO of Universal Pure.

HPP has gained favor with food safety and quality assurance professionals for its ability to inactivate pathogens and spoilage organisms while preserving taste and nutritional content. By using pressure instead of chemicals or heat, the processing method has gained popularity, enabling many cleaner-label products that today’s consumers desire.

“The use of HPP is growing, yet a lack of understanding around the technology continues to be an opportunity to accelerate adoption,” said Duffy. “At Universal Pure, we are taking a leadership role as a ready resource for the market to learn more about when, where and how the technology can best be utilized.”