On December 21, 2017 Dole & Bailey announced that Nancy Matheson-Burns has acquired full ownership of the family-owned and operated food hub with deep roots in New England. The company, known for providing chefs with high quality foods for 150 years, is now positioned to become a Certified Woman-Owned Business.

An industry leader and innovative force, Matheson-Burns has helped guide her family’s business for more than 40 years, the last 20 as president. Her commitment to connecting chefs with local, sustainable foods led to the growth of D&B’s Northeast Family Farms and Northeast Family Fisheries; as well as becoming USDA Organic Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Humane Handling Certified, Animal Welfare Approved, a Greater Atlantic Federal Dealer, ISO 9001-2008, and a Green Restaurant Distributor. D&B will be one of the few certified woman owned USDA federally inspected establishments in the United States.

“I am thrilled with the opportunities these changes bring to Dole & Bailey,” says Matheson-Burns “We will be able to respond to our customers’ needs and dreams with more flexibility and enthusiasm than ever. We are champions of shaping food culture and identifying unexplored niches, and our status as a Woman-Owned Business will open exciting new avenues to pursue our goals. Our team is committed to preserving our agricultural legacy, sourcing quality, healthy, great-tasting foods, and educating our culinary community about these distinctive products! I am passionate about transparent, sustainable food systems as well as the infrastructure and logistics it takes to run a successful food hub. I love building a team of people, empowering them to be good, moral and ethical decision-makers and leaders. It is a joy and privilege to serve with them in this competitive, fast moving, and ever-changing business!”

“Nancy Matheson-Burns cares deeply about what people put on their plates,” said Joe & Lucia Henderson, owners of Chapel Hill Farm. “She is a visionary in the marketplace, fostering meaningful relationships and direct connections between farmers and consumers. Dole and Bailey, through Nancy's leadership, is at the forefront of a movement, reshaping the culture of food distribution and consumption to support and sustain local food systems.”

Source: Dole & Bailey Inc.