Today’s health-conscious consumers care not only about what they eat but about how their food is produced as well. They want to make responsible choices without compromising on taste or appearance.

With these priorities in mind, Diana Food is setting up a new facility in Banks Crossing, GA, dedicated to chicken-based solutions from humanely-raised birds. The plant will be making its first deliveries to American customers early 2019. Meeting high animal welfare standards, our offer will include a broad range of chicken fat, chicken broth and chicken powder products.

A brand new pilot plant ready to develop its first samples
“With our recently inaugurated pilot plant, we are ready to join forces with our business partners to design tasty, clean label solutions. Using our cutting-edge technologies, we can easily work with them to co-develop taste profiles that are specifically tailored to their needs,” says Thomas Couepel, Customer Development Manager.

Banks County: at the heart of a major American ecosystem
At Diana Food, quality comes first. Thanks to a strong network of breeders combined with in-depth agricultural expertise, we select the freshest American chicken sources. Moreover, the raw material quality - No Antibiotics Ever, Organic, Animal Welfare– is the starting point for an exceptional product that meets American consumers’ expectations. We ensure high quality across our entire value chain, from providing upstream expertise to final delivery. Closer, fresher, better... all the ingredients you need to build consumer trust.

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