The FACTORY ERP system from IT specialist CSB-System has been named Factory Software of the Year 2018 in a competition organised by the Industry 4.0 Application Centre of the faculty for business information management, processes and systems at the University of Potsdam. The jury particularly commended the software, which represents the entire primary value creation of production and logistics in industries including food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, for its comprehensive range of functionalities.

CSB’s FACTORY ERP ensures optimal operational control of production facilities. Standardized interfaces between the group ERP system and CSB FACTORY ERP guarantee a stable, flexible and integrated system landscape. Not only does this provide security and stability, it also makes the IT system more flexible and simplifies expansion. Updates and upgrades to new releases can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, while new market requirements and legal changes can also be easily integrated.

In addition, the software delivers benefits in terms of transparency and efficiency, as it links all factory areas in a single system with a consistent data basis. As a result, customers eliminate inconsistencies and double entries. Weak points in factories can be easily identified, enhancing responsiveness and substantially reducing overall costs.

“We are very proud of this award,” comments Hermann Schalk, Head of Sales at CSB-System AG. “With CSB FACTORY ERP, we have established a brand-new software category that is high in demand from our customers around the globe. Our special thanks go to our customers, consultants and programmers who have developed this excellent software.”

This is the first year that the “Factory Software of the Year” competition has been held. Organised by the Industry 4.0 Application Centre in cooperation with Berlin-based publisher GITO, public presentations were given in front of a renowned jury, with representatives from the fields of consulting, science and media, at the recent Factory Software Congress 2018.

Vendors of factory software solutions were invited to enter the competition, with categories covering process control, logistics software, visualisation, MES, security, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and turnkey solutions. Prizes were awarded for achievements based on the following criteria: concrete customer benefit, platform suitability, interoperability / standards, brownfield approach, and customer communication as well as research and development.

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