The Impossible Slider has made its fast-food debut at White Castle. The “Impossible Slider” will be available anytime in 140 locations throughout New York, New Jersey and Chicagoland.

The plant-based burger will be topped with smoked cheddar cheese, pickles, onions and served on a signature bun. The Impossible Slider will be available individually for $1.99, and can be ordered as part of a combo meal.

The award-winning burger from Impossible Foods will provide an all-new plant-based option for White Castle’s loyal fans, who are dubbed “Cravers” for their insatiable hunger for the irresistible, snack-sized sliders. White Castle is known as the progenitor of American fast food. The Original Slider is still considered “the most influential burger of all time.”

“White Castle’s model has been often imitated but never duplicated -- an impressive feat in the hypercompetitive fast-food sector,” said Impossible Foods’ Founder and CEO Dr. Patrick O. Brown. “We look forward to working closely with White Castle, and together learning how to popularize plant-based meat with mainstream burger lovers, traditional and vegetarian alike.”

Source: White Castle