Meat and poultry companies are slowly coming back online as Hurricane Florence’s rains and flooding start to subside. Bloomberg News updates the status of many of the North and South Carolina processors that were in the path of Florence here.

Perdue Farms said that its facility in Lewiston, N.C. resumed operations last week, and its facilities in Dillon, S.C. and Rockingham, N.C. were to open this week. Sanderson Farms said that its Kinston, N.C. plant had no significant damage and that all of its facilities except the Monroe, N.C. plant were expected to resume operations as of yesterday.

“Given the amount of rain those areas continue to receive, our assessment will continue through the weekend,” Sanderson Farms Chief Executive Officer Joe Sanderson Jr. said in a statement posted on the company’s website Saturday. “Our live inventory and the assets of our independent poultry producers in the region comprise a significant portion of our operations. Given the logistical difficulties caused by flooding and impassable roads, assessments of damage to those facilities will also continue.”

Source: Bloomberg