For anytime, anywhere, protein-packed snacking, SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. is cutting through the noise in the frozen category with their new On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail. Designed to go wherever life takes you, this ultra-convenient product is ready to take on life’s hangriest moments.

Requiring virtually no prep work, this deliciously dippable shrimp cocktail is SeaPak’s response to consumer snacking demand, making it the first and only frozen seafood snack of its kind available on the market today. Not surprisingly, retailers have taken notice. And, beginning this month, SeaPak On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail will now reach consumers nationwide at select Kroger, Walmart and Target stores.

“No matter how you slice it, sales and trend data show that Americans love snacking,” said Leslie Harris Thomas, marketing manager at SeaPak. “After conducting our own research, we found that seafood snackers, specifically, tend to skew younger, are health-conscious, have a higher than average household income and are likely tasked with feeding a larger family.”

Armed with these insights, SeaPak set out to create the most-portable, protein-packed snack imaginable. And, as a result, SeaPak’s newest innovation is the ultimate in convenience – it can be thawed overnight in a refrigerator – making it the first of its kind in the frozen seafood category. So, whether you’re a busy mom or dad waiting in the school’s carpool line or at the office looking for a grab-and-go option before your next meeting, On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail is your fast track to delicious, hassle-free seafood snacking.

Earlier this year, SeaPak executed an eight week marketing blitz in the Atlanta and Denver markets, rolling out the snack to Denver-area King Sooper and Atlanta-area Kroger supermarkets. As predicted, On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail performed strongly, driving an impressive amount of interest, trial and repeat purchases.

“The success in Denver and Atlanta proved to our team that this On-the-Go product is well ahead of the curve in the frozen food space,” Harris Thomas pointed out. “The initial performance overall, coupled with the high consumer demand for ultra-convenient, easy-to-make options, drive home the fact that this product is aligned with current shoppers’ needs and desires,” Harris Thomas said.

SeaPak’s On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail retails for $3.49 MSRP. To learn more about On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail and other products from the nation’s No. 1 shrimp brand, visit and the brand’s Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages.

Source: SeaPak