Fiberstar Inc., a global leader manufacturing and selling natural ingredients, such as Citri-Fi citrus fiber, will exhibit at the upcoming Supplyside West Show Booth #3983 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fiberstar will be showcasing its sustainable Citri-Fi natural citrus fiber which is a byproduct from the citrus juicing industry. This functional fiber is created using a patented process that mechanically opens the fiber up to provide high surface area. This high surface area and the intrinsic soluble/insoluble fiber composition lends itself to high water holding capacity and emulsification properties which are ideal for a variety of health and nutrition food products.

“Food manufacturers today need to keep pace with the evolving clean label trends, ranging from simple, shorter ingredient label declarations to sustainable sourcing,” says President and CEO John Haen. “The Supplyside West show presents an excellent opportunity for food manufacturers to learn more about natural functional ingredients like Citri-Fi citrus fiber to stay ahead of the curve in clean label formulating.”

Citri-Fi can provide numerous benefits from improving the food product’s nutritional profile to maintaining good texture in challenging free-from foods to cleaning up label declarations. For instance, Citri-Fi’s water holding capacity gives it ability to partially replace eggs and/or oil in baked goods. As a result, it reduces fat and caloric reduction while maintaining a full-fat mouthfeel. This natural fiber’s water holding capacity retains moisture over time in gluten-free bakery products which typically suffer from drying and staling. In beverages, Citri-Fi can replace carrageenan when used in conjunction with gellan gum to improve labeling. This natural ingredient stabilizes oil and improves mouthfeel and clouding of certain drinks as well as extend fruit or vegetable pulp in a variety of beverages.

In nutrition bars, Citri-Fi retains moisture and provides some binding which improves quality over shelf-life. Due to it native pectin content, this fiber can improve fruit prep texture in bars when used at low pH and high Brix conditions which activates its gelling properties. This natural ingredient also maintains texture during freeze/thaw especially in ice cream products and other frozen foods. The fiber reduces ice crystals during the freezing process which prevents larger ice crystals from disrupting the food matrix.

Citri-Fi also serves as an ideal functional plating agent. This natural ingredient turns nutritional or flavor oils into free-flowing powders that have up to 25% oil load. When used in liquid food products, like beverages, the natural fiber provides additional functionality including mouthfeel, texture, stabilization and uniform oil dispersion.

Citri-Fi is plant-based, non-GMO, allergen-free and vegan/vegetarian. This natural ingredient can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour which resonate well in the natural food markets. And Citri-Fi has no e-number which is ideal for the European Union (EU) markets

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