Expanded expertise and solutions in grain management technology represent a rising area of innovation poised to help the livestock industry reach new levels in ensuring safe, high-quality feed.

Among those driving advancement is Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.). Already at the forefront of grain management technology including specific focus on managing mycotoxins risk, CBS Inc. has announced the addition of Anhao “Tony” Wang to its fast expanding next generation team.

Wang, who takes on the role of nutrition and technical service coordinator across the full spectrum of CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms, is in the final stage of completing his PhD in Animal Science at the University of Saskatchewan with a strong research focus on feed and mycotoxin studies. His scope at CBS Inc. includes contributing to solutions supporting both domestic and international markets.

Science-based solutions
“We are pleased to welcome Tony to Canadian Bio-Systems at a time of major growth and expansion for our Feed Science Platforms,” says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Director. “Innovative science-based solutions are the focus as animal agriculture and the feed industry transitions to the future. Tony brings a strong combination of passion, knowledge and skills that will support our technology platforms and customers across the board. His academic and research background that is an excellent fit with our continued dedication to optimizing feeding strategies and mitigating mycotoxin risk.”

Wang, originally from Fuzhou in southern China’s Fujian province, has been studying in Canada since 2009, first as an undergraduate at Dalhousie University then completing graduate work at University of Saskatchewan. A key aspect of his graduate research has been uncovering new knowledge of how to improve feeding strategies, including understanding mycotoxin impacts and how to mitigate them. His PhD research focuses specifically on tackling the challenge of fusarium-related mycotoxins in poultry feed, including ground-breaking knowledge on timeframes when impacts are more pronounced and when targeted solutions can have the greatest impact.

Working with customers across the industry
“I am very happy to become a part of the CBS Inc. team,” says Wang. “Since I was young I have always been interested in science and working with animals and the agriculture and food industry.  This is the perfect situation for me to start my career. I look forward to meeting and working with the CBS network and customers across the industry. It’s an exciting time of opportunity to be involved in advancing solutions for animal production.”

Diving deeper in understanding and addressing threats to feedgrain quality is a key part of the newly launched CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms. The “FSPs” include five areas of feed technology innovation – functional fatty acids, Multi-Carbohydrase technology, grain management technology, phytogenics & probiotics and enhanced yeast technology. The platforms are backed by technical support to help livestock operations determine “What’s your FSP fingerprint” to identify the best customized package for each operation.

CBS via customers, networks and partners has a strong foundation of ongoing sample collection and analysis to monitor grain quality challenges, says Patterson. “Feed quality challenges fluctuate year to year and indications are risk is high in this year in many key production regions, including for example in Western Canada due in part to factors such as delayed harvest in some areas.”

Advanced tools protecting feed
The CBS Inc. grain management technology platform includes key options such as NutraMix – a feed enhancer that helps support safe, high quality feed as well as animal benefits. NutraMix is available for use with both both monogastric and ruminant livestock, including pigs, poultry, beef and dairy. Information is available in this new video.

“As an industry our awareness and understanding of the rising threat of mycotoxins and other grain contaminant issues is increasing every year,” says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Sales & Marketing Director. “These threats at any level can seriously undermine feed integrity and animal impacts. Grain management technology solutions such as NutraMix are designed to provide peace of mind and an insurance policy for producers.”

Solutions under the grain management technology platform are supported by MycoCheck – a custom feed analysis tool available to NutraMix customers. “MycoCheck allows feed users to get an accurate and sophisticated picture of feed quality, to pinpoint the best recommended use of NutraMix,” says Peters. “MycoCheck takes away any guesswork and provides clear information to support the customer’s management decisions.”

CBS Inc. is an innovation-focused company that researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of bio-based products used in feed, food and industrial applications. It is a pioneer and leader in enzymes and other bio-based feed technology options, leveraging over 30 years of research and development.