The term “smart” now applies increasingly to gas mixing technology. With intelligent electronic solutions, Witt shows what is already possible today and what added value smart gas mixers offer to the user.

"Smart solutions are the future," says Martin Bender, Managing Director at Witt-Gasetechnik. Networking, information gain, speed and process reliability are the watchwords guiding the world market leader from Germany.

Clever control, integrated analysis and automated diagnostics
A digital control module is the heart of the modern mixing machines: Witt’s Gas control unit displays all relevant parameters on its touchscreen, and provides more transparency of the production process. Operation via the touchscreen is simple. An optional integrated gas analysis continuously monitors the process, ensures accuracy and increases the process reliability. All performance data are automatically stored and documented in the Gas control, and an integrated data recorder provides a graphic display of historical data.

The gas mixers can be connected to the network via Ethernet. Datasets can be merged and imported into conventional spreadsheet software. A special feature is an optional web module that informs the service technician immediately via e-mail or SMS if faults occur or limit values are breached. It is now possible to monitor the system performance from practically any computer or mobile phone.

The transmitted log file in pure text format (csv file) is extremely compact, so hardly any storage space or transmission time is required. A daily data log for ongoing quality documentation can also be automatically sent to one or more recipients. "Fast, direct information, converted simply”, says Martin Bender.

Web-based remote monitoring
The Web Visio software, which Witt itself uses for remote monitoring of many multiple gas mixers, was developed specifically for this level of visibility. The web-based application "mirrors" the display of the Gas control on the PC screen or smartphone. The user can thus access the gas mixer live from any location. With the help of an Internet browser, he/she can control the gas mixing process and view all parameters as if stood directly next to the mixer. Access rights over several user levels offer a high degree of security: the user can individually set who can receive the data, and who can control the mixer.

Witt supports its customers in selecting the right solution, and assists right through to the commissioning.

Development is progressing rapidly, and not just in gas mixers. Probably almost every Witt device will acquire smart features "smart" in the future. For example, Witt is already working on the next-generation of its industrial valves, combining its leading edge mechanical engineering and electronics.

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